Looting has become a hobby in Zimbabwe !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes :

This word ” looting ” , in Zimbabwean context or scenario must be incorporated in our local dictionary. It is the norm to get away with wealthy worthy billions of dollars. This is the only country where one can loot 5.9 Billion United States Dollars ( USD), and still come back and loot more without any inconvenience. This is Zimbabwe for you, where you are told someone’s assets and accounts have been frozen and yet he continues enjoying the loot without questioning. In Zimbabwe you can be arrested for reporting the looter to the police. We have a situation where 5.9 Billion disappeared at the hands of Sakunda Holdings without any trace. No receipt, voucher or any record and someone still claims the accounts have been frozen. If accounts have been frozen then what?? What is the next step. This is a catch and release scenario. Infact it has become the norm, one loots and later declared a national hero. For one to be declared a national hero you must loot Government coffers first and you must pass a first class degree in looting and then later be a certified looter and later on the declaration must come against the wishes of the people. We have 5.9 Billion looted against 4 million facing starvation according to the Human Development Index ( HDI). We have 5.9 Billion looted against 3 million living below the poverty datum Line ( PDL). We have people surviving on 1 bond a day or even less than that amount. We have well sophisticated thieves manning the gates of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, reoiling the drama, disguising the freezing of accounts to give an impression that corruption is being dealt with. If I may ask a simple question, is Sakunda Holdings the only company which can bankroll Command Agriculture in Zimbabwe? Is it the only company which can supply fuel in Zimbabwe? The answer is a big NO, this is a syndicate protecting the loot and manning all gates of corruption to ensure that the country is left dry and enjoy the loot in offshore accounts. This is life. If we are serious with corruption someone must be behind bars by now. 5.9 Billion could have targeted critical sectors of the economy, we have tourism , Infrastructure Development, health, education and industry etc. Command Agriculture must be funded through bank or a proper economic framework which has clear guidelines. What the Government must do is to come up with a proper economic and legal framework to avoid looting, leakages and other problems we are experiencing right now. As we speak, we are left with grain that can last the nation for six months, and can Sakunda explain to the nation what happened to the 2.9 Billion which was released to his company in 2017? Are Zimbabweans so dull to the extent that they believe these accounts have been frozen? We have CBZ, ZB, Met Bank and other financial institutions which can bankroll this project without necessarily involving individuals to bankroll the facility.  If the accounts were frozen, RBZ should be telling us how much were in those five accounts, simple. RBZ released over 600 million for fuel and after few days it was purported that all Sakunda accounts have been frozen. Does this make sense? We know all the money was put on black market and fuelled escalations of prices on the market , and Government has one of the best intelligence within our region and they know exactly the person doing this. Freezing accounts by word of mouth does not help anyone. It must be practical. What has been done after accounts have been frozen is the major question. This is a catch and release scenario, and it’s a movie in Holland where people loot and get away with it. Who has the guts to manhandle the thieves is the biggest question? 

– 5.9 Billion disappeared without trace
– shortage of fuel after advance has been made remains a mystery

– Mausoleum pegged at 1 million without a public tender

– 660 million released for fuel without a public tender donated to Sakunda Holdings in the form of looting. 

–  Companies hired in USA and people bussed to do PR runs into millions of dollars

– 3 million people face starvation
– over 5 million live under the Datum Poverty Line ( DPL)

Who cares ????????

– Eskom is owed 80 million versus 660 million released for fuel . Is this logical? Does this makes sense?

– Harare city council needs 17 million against a backdrop of 5.9 Billion which disappeared without any trace.

– the nation faces hunger and starvation against a backdrop of 3 million for hiring planes. 

Why don’t we purchase a plane for the President which remains a state asset? Maybe someone is making money through the plane??

Command Plane 


The same sanctions rhetoric is now out of fashion and context. We have imposed economic embargoes on our own. We must learn to do the following :

1. Policy clarity2. The corrupt must be send to prison3. Redirect expenditure4. Clear foreign policy5. Deal with Human Rights obligations6. Cut expenditure7. Remove senate8. Downsize Government.9. Merge ministries to cut costs10. Remove deputy ministers11. Cut embassies12. Avoid globe trotting. Make use of embassies to attend some official meetings outside the country13. Clarity on foreign debt14. Eat what you kill 15. Downsize parliament16. Disclose assets for executive17. Accept tolerance and diversity18. Political & economic think must be established19. Policy consistency20. Political & Economic reforms

Let those with ears listen !!!

Chinhu chanhuwa ichi !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo – Doctor of Phil Candidate

Email : tinamuzala@gmail.com