Rt General Chiwenga finally finds love

The Vice President Retired General Chiwenga has finally found love again. Constantino Guveya Chiwenga is said to be in love with a Nkayi based lady who is also an army officer.

General Bae

Close contacts in the Harare administration believe the powerful General is a happy man after finally finding a soul mate a few months after the nasty fall out with Mary Chiwenga. Although finer details of the new incoming Mrs Chiwenga are still not yet known. Word in the corridors of power say the lady is her 30s and a resident of Nkayi in Matebeland.

The new fiance is said to have traveled with the VP on his medical trip to China recently. There are renewed efforts to push the divorce so Chiwenga can legally get married before September 2020.

If the General marries again this will be the 3rd marriage in under 10 years a real new world record. An official in Harare who declined to be named welcomed the news with a big smile. ‘This General needs a woman after all he is fit now, let him have a good lady so he can carry out his duties well. You see Mary was more for the money and power which was counter productive, would you want such a first Lady another Grace?’.

Mary Chiwenga is holding her own insisting on full custody of the kids and a share of the millions held by Chiwenga. Although some of the assets are said to be hidden in some fun companies, it is real money that Mary is after and will likely get. Contacts in the Mubaiwa family believe Mary has all the bank statements to prove her case. The matter is likely to be settled just after lockdown.

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