Nelson Chamisa bigger than MDC-T

Tafadzwa Sambiri

Nelson Chamisa does not need MDC-T

Following the judgement by the Supreme Court on Tuesday many MDC Supporters are worried about the future and how the party will be weakened in the long run. The Justice Malaba led bench has given Thokozanu Khupe keys to the name MDC-T and restored same structures as at 2014.

Keep walking : MDC leader Nelson Chamisa

There are a lot of things that will not be possible, we cannot go back to 2014 as this means waking up the late Morgan Tsvangirai and many others. It is a good thing the judgement has come in 2020 never mind the whole timing but Nelson has a chance to turn lemons into Mango juice. He now has a good 3 years to move with the Alliance team a good 3 years to work with those that share same vision as him. This is not the  time to be appealing the judgement if ever there is such as i am not a learned person. The President has to ignore the whole judgement let those who want to use the name use it.

Some are suggesting Nelson Chamisa goes back to being an ordinary member as was the case in 2014 while the party prepares for Congress. There are a lot of challenges with such a scenario and it should be avoided at all costs. I understand this is a legal ruling but the cure has to be political not legal after all it is the cure that has to be better. Zanupf is waiting for Nelson Chamisa to play good boy and go for Congress, once this is in motion the Tagwire money will be used to bribe every delegate and every official at such a Congress. I have no doubt Chamisa will lose to whoever he will run against.

The 2,6 Million vote

Besides losing at Congress if he is to take that route, Nelson will stand to lose his loyal Alliance soldiers in the likes of Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, David Coltart etc. It is now too late to worry about a name, 2018 proved to us all who is the real man and that is none other than Nelson Chamisa. As I said the solution is political not legal and we at a point where rebuilding is better off than losing it all. With over 2.6 Million votes to his name the man has the political resources that he needs.

Many are worried about party assets but what are these assets?  The normal PPE (Property Plant and Equipment) of any politician are the supporters not a building or vehicles. Nelson has all the assets he needs to build an army and take over Munhumutapa. For the greater part of 2018 and 2019 the President has spent too much time trying to talk to ED. This has never worked and will not work he has to throw out that strategy. What he needs now is to reconnect with foot soldiers. He needs to talk their language provide leadership to them. These are young guys who want to make the  streets their homes by peacefully demonstrating against failed regime. We all await to see the beast in him, he has to give signal in order to motivate the base.

Tafadzwa Sambiri writes in his personal capacity and can be reached on Twitter; @AmChambi