Businesses struggle as African Sun agrees to pay 50% salaries

Lindsay Ndlovu

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus all over the world many businesses are struggling. The virus has hit the tourism and hospitality sector more with IATA estimating over $500 Billion losses in the industry.

Harare’s Crown Plaza

Faced with a drop in numbers to zero hotel group African Sun has come up with drastic measures to save the business while making sure the employees get something. The Human resources department issued a letter to all staff informing them of 50% salary cut for the duration of the lockdown.

A worker at one of the hotel told Dangwe News he was happy with the little his getting. ‘I struggle to survive with 100% of my salary but am happy with the 50%, we all know it is tough all over even in USA hotels have laid off staff’. Efforts to speak to HR department at the hotel giant were fruitless.

Air Zimbabwe letter.

In a related matter the national airline Air Zimbabwe which was already struggling will be putting 90% of its staff on unpaid leave with effect from 23 April 2020. The Coronavirus virus crisis is more than likely to push many businesses out. The Emmerson Mnangagwa government has no stimulus package coming in the pipeline in order to save businesses.

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