Talk of Helmets and 3rd Force, what is next?

Helmets believed to have been found at Robson House in Harare. Image taken at Harare Central Police

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has made claims it discovered Police Helmets at Robson House in Harare. The Helmets are believed to have been taken there by MDC youths.

It is rather strange for a whole Police force to make such a huge accusation and then show images of the stolen inventory at their base not Robson House. This is 1980 script being played all over again, the same happened to Nkomo and now Chamisa. This is why the 2nd Republic is very much the 1st one.

Police sources also told Dangwe News of heavy deployment in and around Harare this as Rural Teachers have made a call for a Stay away on Monday the 14th of October 2019. ‘The real purpose of deployment is to install fear in the public, the Junta mafia is in real panic’. A member of Police based at HQ in Harare told Dangwe via phone.

Zimbabwean riot police ready to crush all protests.

The administration of Emmerson Mnangagwa is facing serious pressure as inflation is now at over 300% and basics beyond the reach of many in a country with 92% unemployment rate. Other online publications have been running headlines of a coup on the cards although Dangwe could not independently verify the claims.