MDC Secretary General Charlton Hwende

Hwende Implicated in Masotcha cover up

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The Movement for Democratic Change Secretary General Mr Charlton Hwende is at the centre of a storm after Journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu fingered him in the abduction of his nephew Tawanda Muchehiwa. According to Mr Mathuthu the MDC Secretary General was blaming him for being a G40 front with the aim of sowing seeds of confusion in the opposition movement.

The internal MDC Alliance investigative team which was probing the Bulawayo Chairperson Ms Tendai Masotcha’s involvement in the 31st July incident gave an all clean report restoring her to the position. In a report made public the party did not mention a lot aside from extracting information from social media and other news outlets. In their investigation they found no evidence linking the Bulawayo leader to the charge. Although the party did acknowledge infiltration, Mr Jameson Timba who was leading the investigation said their official is clean and also a victim of State sponsored abductions.

The report was not received well by opposition supporters who wanted the party to fire Ms Tendai Masotcha. One political commentator who is close to the MDC leadership told Dangwe News he was convinced the party has been captured. ‘How do you send a policy secretary to do a probe and not the security division? The whole report is a big joke, if the party has no security department then this explains a lot. With Mdu coming out and mentioning the Secretary General and his move to protect the accused then we have a real issue’. Pressed on to give more information the commentator refused to label Mr Hwende a CIO informer saying it was above his pay grade.

This is not the first time Mr Hwende has been suspected of being a spy with former Harvest House workers telling us he was the least trusted prior to 2018. ‘At the Office many were always sceptical and with news of him defending Ms Masotcha this vindicates us’. In 2018 Elections the opposition party was diverted after it received counter intel about special Russian paper. Insiders said it was the Secretary General who come up with the theory and sold it to party President Nelson Chamisa. ‘Ndiye akauya achiti anana boys vake who are inside and have given him exclusive information hapana chitssva apa hasi munhu bho uyu. The party is now at it’s weakest due to his lack of admin skills’.

Those close to the Secretary General said the matter was debated by the top body and Mr Hwende did not defend Ms  Masotcha as alleged by Journalist Mr Mathuthu. ‘To say he defended her is wrong all he did was give his side of the story and never supported her or there could be other issues between the two’. The national council member said there was no need to investigate Mr Hwende as he is clean warning the move is being used by ZanuPF to divide the party.

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