More Recalls coming; Khupe

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The judicially-created MDC-T is planning to recall about 38 more legislators from Parliament, as well as hundreds of councillors across the country who have defied Khupe by remaining loyal to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

This was confirmed by MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi to the Daily News on Friday.

Komichi said the party’s standing committee resolved on Wednesday to sack all legislators and councillors who are on Chamisa’s side and this will happen soon Said Komichi:

We have reached a point where we are saying we cannot continue with members who have chosen to be stubborn.

There is no way you can be Zanu PF and be MDC-T at the same time, and any party that is serious is bound to take action. So, the letters will be written to Parliament soon.

It would not be strategic to tell the media the exact recall date.

The affected MPs have chosen not to align with the MDC-T, the major party in the MDC Alliance.

They are siding with Chamisa and the national standing committee resolved that we have to take action.

Khaliphani Phugeni, who doubles as Khupe’s spokesperson and MDC-T secretary for information also told the Daily News yesterday that the “stubborn” MDC Alliance parliamentarians will be recalled. He said:

The general position taken by the party is that all those who have since ceased to be our members will be recalled. But this is going to be done on a case by case basis.

It is all dependent on the individual actions of MPs and councillors.

Among the MPs reportedly targeted for recall are MDC Alliance vice president Lynette Karenyi-Kore, deputy national chairperson Job “Wiwa” Sikhala, Joana Mamombe (Harare West), Caston Matewu (Marondera Central), Ethrage Kureva (Epworth), Starman Chamisa (Mbare), Costa Machingauta (Budiriro), Erica Murai (Highfield East) and Brian Dube (Gweru Urban).

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