AirZim plane makes Emergency landing in Thailand

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The national carrier AirZimbabwe made another emergency landing for the second time in a month. The Boeng 767 operated by Wana-Fly in conjunction with AirZimbabwe had an engine oil leak which was detected on the way to Wuhan China. The leak was fixed on the 8th of July enabling the plane to proceed to China, it is on the return leg that the technical issue was picked up again forcing the emergency landing in Bankok.

The flight is bringing home Zimbabweans who were stuck in China. Reports say more than 2000 Zimbabwe nationals are on the waiting list to return home. A passenger on the flight told Dangwe News no one was injured and all are safe but traumatised. ‘With the hand of God on us no one was injured we all fine but worried about taking the same plane to Zimbabwe again, this plane is too old how safe are we?’.

AirZimbabwe has a very old fleet with many reports of near misses an issue that has led to the snubbing of the flag carrier by the country’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Upon taking office via a military coup in 2017 Emmerson Mnangagwa refused to fly the AirZimbabwe fleet fearing for his life due to old safety issues. To date more than $170 Million has been used on private jet for the country’s President.

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