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Hungry Soldiers rob Hurungwe Hospital

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Detectives of the Zimbabwe Republic Police are said to have arrested commandos and paratroopers who raided Chidamoyo Mission Hospital in Hurungwe and stole US$1 500.

Media reports say that the arrested person used two CZ service pistols with fully charged magazines of eight rounds each and two AK-47 assault rifles with fully charged magazines of 30 rounds each to commit the crime.

They are said to have descended at the hospital in a movie-style and threatened them with rifles, demanding to be shown where the money was before stealing a safe containing US$1 500 cash and other valuables and escaped from the scene without firing a shot.

The arrested persons are Ishmael Neboet Zibula (29) Mabutheni, Bulawayo (ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo); Spencer Chigondo (29) of Ruwa (ZNA Commando Regiment, Harare); Ruka Matemai Bitone (39) of Unit M Seke, Chitungwiza (ZNA Commando Regiment, Harare); James Bhebhe alias Mitewell Moyo (29) Sukani, Lower Gweru (ZNA 2.2 Infantry Batallion, Harare); Trust Hapanyengwi (31) of Tazvivinga village under Chief Chirimanzu (ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo, Harare); Mighty Nyoni (34) of Emakhandeni, Bulawayo (ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo, Harare) and Chadmore Chakaingesu (42) of Seke, Chitungwiza (ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo, Harare).

Commenting on the incident senior journalist Brezhnev malaba said, “When highly trained commandos and paratroopers resort to armed robbery for a living, you must know that Zanu-PF’s leadership failure and misrule have reached another level. These special forces should be safeguarding the republic, not robbing hospitals in Hurungwe.”

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