Walked away a rich man.

$300 000 Golden Hand-shake for Obediah Moyo

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The former Health and Child Welfare Minister Obediah Moyo was not fired after all. Contrary to a Press release by Harare authorities, the former Minister was not fired from Emmerson Mnangangwa’s cabinet but both parties agreed on a soft landing in order to save face and a public relations stunt.

Information from well connected inside sources say the Minister agreed to leave his job after a good offer including the dropping of abuse of Office charges.’Cde Moyo was never fired it is all a lie and those at the top are well aware of the real story, how can you fire a man who pushes deals for you?The whole issue was a good PR stunt which you all celebrated just as you did with a coup. Mr Moyo was not incharge of Drax deal, that one was engineered from the top all he did was to sign some fun papers as the head of the department but it was never him. The system does not just fire you i am afraid this is not Delta or Econet’.

In addition to having charges dropped contacts also say Obediah Moyo was given a golden hand shake. The exit package which is said to be part of employment contract includes top of the range E-Class Mercedes Benz, Toyota Fortuner and U$300 000 in cash. ‘For keeping his big mouth shut he walked away with a few nice goodies which some of you may never even dream of and it should not shock you if he is redeployed to another department or Shacky Shacky house’. This is not the first Minister to be ‘fired’ for graft as Priscilla Mupfumira also faced the music but her trial is failing to take off. Mrs Mupfumira who stands accused of looting millions from NSSA denies the allegations.

Dilish Nguwaya (on the right next to E,D) the Drax Executive.

‘In ZanuPF you never loot alone those at the top would be in it also, if indeed Emmerson fired Obediah for corruption then he too should have resigned. There is no way a Minister would have pushed and signed off such a huge deal without the knowledge of number 1’. The first lady is said to be the one who pushed for the Drax deal so her two sons can also benefit. The issue only come to light after Zimlive did good investigations into the matter, the first family initially denied knowing the Drax Executives but images and footage were splashed all over and till today no word from the first family. Emmerson Mnangagwa has a history of corruption dating back to the Congo diamonds in the 90s. Dangwe News tried to have a written response from the former Minister but all efforts were ignored.

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