31st July Protests gain Momentum as Police vow to join in

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The call by Zimbabweans to remove ZanuPF is slowly gaining momentum a few days after the launch of the movement by Jacob Ngaribvume of Transform Zimbabwe. Although Mr Ngaribvume made the call, he has refused to take ownership insisting it is about every Zimbabwean and not one individual.


Prominent Zimbabweans had by Sunday endorse the peaceful protest with APA Zimbabwe President Skosana Moyo posting a video on micro-blogging site Twitter encouraging Zimbabweans to be part of the protests. Others who have joined in include Journalist Hopewell Chingono, Noah Manyika, Team Pachedu just to mention a few. Team Pachedu a pressure group of young Zimbabweans which come into light after successful auditing the voters roll has been playing a crucial role with Tweet after Tweet on the need to be on the streets.

A youth member of the Movement for Democratic change led by Nelson Chamisa said the youths are solidly behind the movement. ‘It is for the good of the country and as youths we are fully behind it in our various individual capacities and it is important for all to join us. The battle is for all progressive Zimbabwe, ED and ZanuPF have to be stopped’. The youth sounded caution warning Zimbabweans not to make this a one-day event but the beginning of a process to remove ED.

In a related matter sources in the Police have expressed their full support. Dangwe News spoke to a few officers based in greater Harare with many siding with the movement as economy bites further. ‘In shops no one gives you a cheaper price because you are a Police Officer, it does not work that way I am afraid. We are the poorest people in the country if not Africa; my sister I earn an amount which is less than $15 ndiudze ndoita chii nedzungu idzi?’ His sentiments were echoed by an Officer with Criminal Investigative department warning many Officers including CIO might be joining the protest in order to partake and provide any form of protection. ‘Zimbabweans think Police are enemies but this is not the case we are with the people also. The very overrated CIOs are now as hungry as ever we mix with them each day. I will not be used to protect Drax looting that is not my job’.

The organisers have dubbed the protests the 31st July movement and the start of real resistance. ‘This is not a one-day event but the birth of a movement against the regime. We are aware there is fear in the land but it will be broken by the movement, we will all be stronger together and overcome. This is not a go to town protest but where you are, the Growth points, Shopping Centres etc’. Zimbabwe is battling with worst economic crisis since 2008 with inflation reportedly over 1100% and ZimDollar losing value each minute. Movement for Democratic Change President on Sunday said the party would support any movement which is for the good of the country.

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