Tribalism rocks MDC-Khupe

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The breakaway ZanuPF backed MDC faction led by Thokozani Khupe is embroiled in massive tribal fights as the little party’s congress draws closer. According to insiders many who come from Khupe’s side are worried about the dominance of Douglas Mwonzora and the Manicaland crew. Douglas Mwonzora who has been instrument in all the court cases is said to be pushing for members loyal to him in order to land the Presidency.

The fights come as respected Constitutional lawyer Lovemore Madhuku warned the MDC Khupe faction against further postponing the extra ordinary congress beyond 31 July 2020. Khupe and team are struggling to come up with numbers for the Congress as most who were part of the 2014 structures have distanced themselves from the new formation. Collen Gwiyo the former Zengeza Legislator is said to have tried but failed to recruit members in the Chitungwiza area.

Being accused of being too close to Emmerson Mnangagwa

A delegate from Manicaland close to Douglas Mwonzora who agreed to talk to us on condition of anonymity said the new party will struggle to bring the two horses together. ‘This is the real MDC but we have challenges and this is not tribal as you put it but regionalism if am to be honest. Madam Khupe is pushing for her crew like Witness Dube to take over powerful post, Mudzuri also on the other side with Masvingo crew and us on one end. Doug did a lot than all these people hence they now see him as a threat, hapana chimwe apa vakutya mukomana ava’.

Khupe crew also accuses the other side of cheap politics as they say the acting President is close to Emmerson Mnangagwa. The new youth leader Shakespeare Mukoyi who is in Morgan Komichi’s corner has labelled Thokozani Khupe a ZanuPF project in one of the meetings a move which prompted massive exchange of words as some see him as a spy for Nelson Chamisa. ‘He is too old to be a youth also and has no strategy besides the useless Vanguard noise’ one official from Gweru said.

There are growing calls for Madam Khupe to be given the post of President with no challenge a move being resisted by Douglas and crew. Many are against the imposing of the President calling such undemocratic and a ‘Chete Chete’ system. Security and youths at Harvest house now call Douglas Mwonzora President as the race for the seat heats up.

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