Soldiers cause Chaos in Major Cities

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Security forces have today forced members of the public from accessing central business districts in major town across the country. First reports were in Bulawayo and Harare before other cities joined after 9am. The move to impose restrictions comes days after Emmerson Mnangagwa eased Lockdown restrictions imposed to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Insiders at Harare Central Police station who spoke to us on condition their names are no published told Dangwe the lockdown is not from the top. ‘What is going on has nothing to do with the top brass giving instruction or so called Harvest House or MDC offices take over in the country. I never received a Memo about any operation for today, while it is not clear as to who called for this operation it appears some have taken matters into their own hands’.

Leading online publication carried a story in which it said Soldiers and Police have had their salaries reduced by ZW$ 1000 effective this month of June. Dangwe News reached out to several contacts in the security forces but all were coy about the salary cuts. One Soldier based at one of the Barracks in Harare told our reporter his salary is not a public matter. Although the soldiers were not willing to speak it appears the restrictions and violations did not get blessings of those at the top with government officials dismissing the story as a hoax this despite video evidence.

A retired soldier now based outside Zimbabwe warned this could be the start of a real mutiny or another rank and file coup. ‘The guys at the top need to fix the economy the current situations should not be allowed to go on and on. These small boys have guns and are very hungry, they are no different from street vendors’. Zimbabwe soldiers are currently earning an amount equivalent to U$30 as of today’s exchange rates making them the poorest in the continent.

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