Soldiers seal off Harare CBD

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Roads into Harare city center blocked by security forces.
Buses, private cars ordered to u-turn

Confirmed reports indicate that Zimbabweans in Harare are being prevented from entering the city this moning (Tuesday 2 June).

Security forces (soldiers and police) at several checkpoints into the city are ordering buses and private cars to turn back to the residential areas.

One Harare resident sent this text message via WhatsApp, Morning town is full of army and police. They are saying they dont care about letters they only want govt workers to move about.. Guards and police. They dont want anyone to go into town at all. Pls be safe.

It is not clear what the reason is. The security forces are apparently not doing the usual Coronavirus checks (masks, essential services letter etc…), suggesting that this may not have something to do with the virus.

Reports from other cities are yet to come in.

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