SB Moyo is now a default Prime Minister

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The November 2017 Coup announcer Sibusiso Moyo has accumulated a lot of power in the Zimbabwe government and ZanuPF party. Sibusiso Moyo who also has the most powerful Ministerial post in Emmerson Mnangagwa’s cabinet all thanks to the guys at the Barracks flexed his muscles this week as Energy Mutodi was shown the boot.  As we reported earlier the firing of Energy had nothing to do with the MDC Youths Tweet but internal power dynamics within the ruling party and government.

Nelson Chamisa and SB Moyo

Sibusiso Moyo as we have learnt of the past days is very close to the big army bosses including retired General Constatino Guveya Chiwenga. Ex Military men who we spoke to us said Sibusiso is the brains of those at the Barracks. ‘Sibusiso was a junior army officer as compared to Perence Chikerema (Perence Shiri) but he had a more powerful post in government. By the way he is still junior to Chikerema but he is trusted and has brains to influence policies in government . Before the 2017 Coup the army had a plan and it did not include Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ZanuPF fools like Mutodi’.

The Foreign affairs Minister is also believed to have had a hand in the retired General Masters degree as per army sources. ‘Many of you have spoken and written about Jonathan Moyo being the one behind the retired’s Masters but the runner was Sibusiso. He is the boy who helped boss with assignments and other stuff to do with studies. I am not saying he did it all but also contributed in a huge way but ultimately it had to take a lot of work and time for Chiwenga to push for his degrees. The degrees are in his name which makes them his, it is common for students to consult and get assistance and smart boys like Sibusiso chipped in’.

Powers behind SB Moyo

Many in government now see the real powers in the administration and that power does not reside with Emmerson Mnangagwa but a collective of men in uniforms who are far away from public eye. ‘One would be a fool to deny the army involvement in the day to day affairs of the administration, these are the real masters and guys like Sibusiso are there to keep an eye on everything a situation which makes him a super Minister or in short Prime Minister. He is not the head of government but does indeed call the shorts and will continue to do so for long’.

Before implementing the Coronavirus lockdown, Emmerson Mnangagwa had to wait for Vice President Chiwenga’s return from a medical trip in China. It is not clear if this was out of respect or fear to make a rushed decision that would have angered the uniform boys. The army has a lot of businesses and any move that would have severely affected their businesses was going to be met with harsh criticism. Besides Sibusiso Chris Mutsvangwa is also believed to be close to army guys and maybe calling the shots soon.

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