Energy Mutodi fired by Army as tensions escalate

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The Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Mr Energy Mutodi was fired last night by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa. In a statement issued late Wednesday by R.Chikore , there were no reasons given for his dismissal with many speculating it was because of an earlier tweet. In the Tweet Mr Mutodi blasted MDC trio Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova accusing them of having gone to see clients in Bindura.

The Tweet drew a lot of criticism from many Zimbabweans and other human rights activists alike. Although the Tweet was very insensitive given the state of the girls and the violation of their rights it was not the reason for Energy Mutodi’s dismissal. ZanuPF insiders we spoke to said the dismissal had nothing to do with the MDC Youths Tweet but deeper issues in the corridors of power.

An official in the powerful Central Committee of the ‘ruining’ party who agreed to talk on condition we withhold his identity pointed to the army. ‘Before all the MDC noise Energy and Sibusiso Moyo had a heated exchange which even played out on your social media as you might be aware. Just like years back when Energy was pictured with the then Vice Presidential Emmerson Mnangagwa holding a Mug written ‘The Boss’ the same is at play now’.

The official went on to explain how Energy is playing for team ED and this fallout does not signify an end to his political career or life in Zanu PF. ‘Because of his big mouth and fearless character Energy is playing all the dirty work for the ‘Boss’. There is a general feeling SB Moyo needed to be stopped as he is now acting like a Prime Minister. The two have clashed before in many cabinet meetings although it was kept under wraps. The people that fired the young man are seated at King George Barracks commonly known as KG6 not Dambudzo, the boys in uniform have flexed their muscles now and many who dare attack SB Moyo will face the chop’.

There have been many reported cases of fights in ZanuPF and Coup rumors but nothing ever materialized. An Opposition youth member from Goromonzi welcomed the moved but warned his fellow soldiers not to be consumed by ZanuPF internal fights.’When the enemy is divided it should be to our advantage but we must not celebrate as this will not bring Sadza on our tables’. Should Mutodi end up being fired from the party this does gives the MDC Alliance a chance to claim the seat back which was lost due double candidates.

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