Evidence shows Joanna was Picked from Harare Central Police

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Despite the Zimbabwe Republic Police denying ever arresting the three MDC Youths new details have emerged which change the whole narrative. Dangwe News understands Joana drove herself to Harare Central Police station and her car is still parked inside the compound.

MP Mamombe’s car parked at Harare Central Police

Ever since the torture of Cecilia Chimbiri, Netsai Marova and Joanna Mamombe, Harare authorities have denied the trio was let out of Police custody to the torture base. A police contact based at Harare Central said the whole issue was handled by Military Intelligence with help of CIOs stationed at Harare Central.

‘Police arrested the three for violating lockdown rules and the officer commanding Harare had given an instruction for a fine to be paid but all changed after some calls were made to the Military guys. To suggest Police did not arrest these girls is very laughable and childish. They forgot Joanna drove to the Police and till now her car is parked right there’.

Reached for comment ZRP officials refused to discuss the matter with our journalist citing lack of clearance from the President’s office and labelling Dangwe News a ‘Fake Publisher’. Human rights activists have called for full investigation including forensics to be carried out on the clothes the ladies were wearing.

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