Nelson Chamisa an Assassination target

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Movement for Democratic Change President Nelson Chamisa is being trailed by State and Military agents according to Police contacts. In 2019 the opposition leader was followed by State agents on his way to Harare following a rally in Marondera. The failed kidnapping was never investigated by authorities only to blame it on propaganda.

Marked man, Nelson Chamisa

Unlike in 2019 the State agents working with Military intelligence will make sure the young opposition leader is taken out. Speaking to our correspondent via WhatsApp call the Police officer who we cannot name for security reasons said Nelson Chamisa must up his security and trust only a few even those in his party.

‘We are now entering a very hostile season and our dear leader must be vigilant all the times. The people we work with are after him and as i speak they are teams already following his movements and some of those who provide information are in his party. Top on their priority is a road accident, even it it fails to take his life some will be on the road side waiting to put a bullet’. Zimbabwe is known for road accidents that claim lives of politicians, last year the Movement for Democratic Change lost it’s legislator Vimbai Tsvangirai Gava who died after her car collided with one that was being driven by a soldier.

The contact went on to warn opposition figures against driving alone or in the night. ‘Such stories are always dimissed as fake news or propaganda even from opposition leaders but history tells us of how we lost beloved Susan Tsvangirai to a road accident and later on her daughter Vimbayi. Just this week Amos Chibaya was almost gone and again a State security agent was involved. This is the time for opposition leaders to open their eyes and be alert even those in youth assembly’.

The Mnangagwa administration is to capitalize on internal fights and blame any deaths to enemies within. The opposition MDC is facing collapse as Douglas Mwonzora and his team pushing for Nelson Chamisa ouster at all costs a situation which has led some to call for rebranding.

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