Mwonzora resorts to bribe as Structures reject him

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The drama in MDC-T still rages on with Douglas Mwonzora facing rejection by many as the officials remain loyal to Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance. Yesterday the Mwonzora camp suffered huge humiliation as majority of officials in Harare rejected meeting invitations with some being cancelled due to zero or less than two people showing up.

Faced with huge open rejection the faction has gone deeper into their pockets with many leaders being contacted with offers being made in order to entice them. Two officials from Masvingo Province showed us WhatsApp text messages which promise U$50 for each meeting and a 10 litre fuel allowance.

A district official in the very hostile province said the U$50 was for those on district level with Provincial executives set to pocket more. ‘The move to approach Masvingo is well calculated as many know of the divisions in the province, we look at how we had double candidates in 2018 all that points to divisions. Doug is out to cause real chaos and destroy the movement at all costs and we are warning our members not to entertain him or his team’.

Elias Mudzuri:Accused of offering bribes to officials in Masvingo

In Nyika an area under Bikita most officials reported having received phone calls from former Vice President Elias Mudzuri. ‘Mukoma Mudzuri vakatibata nenhau yemaCongress avo asi isu tikati takaita Congress 2019 iyi yamuri kutaura ndeipi yacho? Mari hatina kune zhara asi hatitengesi musangano chikuru kusunungura nyika, vamwe vakutora vodya asi vanenge vasingaendi’. (We had calls from Elias Mudzuri to attend meetings,most took the money and use for food but they are not interested and won’t sell out the struggle).

The much talked about Congress is set to be a real joke with all former provincial executives not interested in being part of the proceedings a move that is slowly causing panic in MDC-T camp.

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