Is GoZ hiding Coronavirus cases?

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The Zimbabwean government is being accused of hiding real statistics of positive Coronavirus virus cases. Covid-19 first broke out in Wuhan province of China in late December 2019 since then the virus has spread all over the world. With Zimbabwe airspace still open to China with many suspected cases have been reported.

The latest case is that of a Mutare woman who died on her way to Harare’s Wilkins Hospital for further tests. Officially the Harare administration has said the lady tested negative but other sources say the virus could have died when the lady passed away.

Several people who contacted Dangwe News believe the Mutare lady was of Chinese origin. The statements issued by Ministry of Information did not disclose the nationality of the Mutare case. Also of concern is the testing method being used in Zimbabwe, most have questioned the procedure as Harare tests appear to take less than 24 hours while in South Africa it is taking days.

Zimbabweans are worried the local officials might be hiding the real numbers of positive cases. Since the outbreak travellers from affected countries are not being quarantined as virus can come out after weeks. Efforts to contact the Health Ministry were fruitless as many were not willing to engage us.

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