Kuda Tagwirei strikes Roller Meal deal

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Kenneth Nyamaropa

In yet another case of cartels and corruption the Queen B Kuda Tagwirei of Sakunda Holdings has been awarded the sole import license of Maize and supplying government.

A ZanuPF member campaigns with Maize Meal

In a statement last week the Zimbabwe government announced coupon system to help ease holding of the staple meal in crisis hit Zimbabwe. The system is set to benefit Kuda Tagwirei of Sakunda after government awarded him the permit to import Maize and sell to the same at inflated prices. Contacts in the Ministry of Finance told Dangwe News the prices will be based on United States dollars not the local unit.

This is not the first time the controversial business man has benefited from exclusive contracts from the Harare administration. He has also given exclusive rights to the failed Command Agriculture and before that he took away the Dema power project from an American company.

Kuda Tagwirei of Roller Meal Coupon system

Government is set to buy Maize at U$205 per tonne against an international price of U$150 for same quantity. Dangwe News was not able to independently verify the price but Finance Ministry sources were so sure of it. One official described the coupon system as grand fraud taking place and which should be rejected by all Zimbabweans. ‘The level of looting has reached alarming levels, just how does one man get such power? This is the same guy who controlled Command Agriculture then now the same guy is the CEO of Roller Meal Coupon PTY LDT.

‘ Millers association officials said they were not aware of who the importer of Maize is with one lady who declined to be named blaming Zimbabwe for being too obsessed with Kuda and Cartels instead of farming.’ How do you know it is Kuda, matanga kunyepa manje endai munorima vakomana’

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