Sakunda to be slapped with US Sanctions

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There is widespread speculation that Sakunda could be hit with sanctions by the United States. A United Kingdom-based academic and lawyer, Alex Magaisa, said on his microblogging Twitter account that Trafigura had dumped Sakunda Holdings due to the possibility Tagwirei may soon be slapped with US sanctions. Trafigura, which is headquartered in Singapore, has allegedly cut all ties with Sakunda Holdings, buying out Sakunda’s 51% stake in Trafigura Zimbabwe.

Sakunda CEO Kudakwashe Tagwirei

The Singapore-based fuel giant now owns 100% of Trafigura Zimbabwe.

“Trafigura has had to dump Sakunda, separating itself from a toxic partner.

This probably explains why Tagwireyi has become fair game, with the Zanu P “They (the youths) had inside information.

“The hyena is being accused by other hyenas of smelling like a goat.”

“Trafigura, an international commodities giant, could no longer afford a public relationship with the soiled Sakunda or at least the front had to be sorted.

“When the likes of the IMF, which works with the Financial Action Task Force in AML, starts sniffing around, it’s no good,” Magaisa said.

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said Tagwirei was no longer clean, both to his former partners and the regime.

“Tagwirei is now damaged goods, to both the regime and Trafigura.

“But don’t be fooled; he is still very much part of the crooked regime.

“There is a public choreographed act taking place to hoodwink the world and the US,” added Chin’ono.

Last year Tagwirei snubbed the Tendai Biti led Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee (PAC) where he was supposed to appear and submit oral evidence on the contracts his company got from the government on Command Agriculture and Presidential Input Scheme.

He was out of the country.

PAC chaired by Biti alleged that funds amounting to US$3 billion disappeared without trace under government’s command agriculture scheme which was managed by Sakunda. Nehanda Radio

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