David Coltart under fire for calling in Auditors

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Movement for Democratic Change Treasury General who is equivalent to Chief Finance Officer Mr David Coltart is under fire from some few senior members for calling in independent auditors. Although the issue of external auditors was cleared and given green light by Congress delegates most members were not eager to fully implement it.

Speaking to Morning Live the party’s Secretary General Charlton Hwende denied reports of funds missing. Dangwe News last week published a story in which the Secretary General is accused of embezzling funds . Before becoming the Secretary General Charlton Hwende was deputy Treasurer to Theresa Makone and the two were heavily fingered in the failure to deploy agent in 2018. Insiders are of the view the two failed to mobilise resources for the party to have polling agents thereby sabotaging it in the process.

The move to bring in Auditors is a first of it’s kind in Zimbabwean politics and has been greatly welcomed by party supporters and donor community. In 2014 the MDC lost a lot of donor funding due to mismanagement of funds a situation that crippled the movement. In the early 2000 MDC had a fleet of over 80 cars with at least 10 per province in addition to trucks and buses but today the party has no single vehicle as the old ones have all but broken down. Some members of the Party’s National Council want the party to be more open and accountable to avoid being in opposition forever. ‘The audit should also be done to lower levels of the party as we have many who want us to remain an opposition while they themselves benefit. Look how we were in 2018, a whole party failing to buy a plate of Sadza for polling agents yet we want power?’.

In the 2018 Elections many candidates struggled to finance the elections, posters were only received a few days before polling date. Situation was even worse for rural areas with majority of candidates being diaspora based. While many are in for the audit some feel David Coltart went a step too far and this might actually cause divisions in the party. Three cadres all agreed on money being abused even by top officials and if the audit picks it up it might be the end for many. ‘An audit is good but what we needed was to clean our house first before making it public, a lot of people were using party funds without supporting documents and If done properly you will see the real picture. I am not against it but if not handled well this might cause cracks in our movement’. The audit which started this week will be made public and reports submitted to Parliament and Ministry of Justice.

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