Zanupf Youths after Chiwenga’s head

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ZanuPF youths after Chiwenga’s head

The ruling party youths are set to launch a massive campaign against the Vice President Constantino Chiwenga under the fight against corruption and cartels. Speaking on Friday Lewis Matutu promised to name and shame certain individuals on Monday.

Vice President Chiwenga

This is not the first time the party youths have threatened to name and shame corrupt officials in the party. Last time the youth league named a few less powerful leaders and one major ommission was the former Minister of Mines and Energy Obert Mpofu. The latest campaign is set to include figures linked to the VP Guveya Chiwenga. An insider in the party believes the youths are being used by the other faction. ‘While it is true that we have corruption in the land this should not be used to fight the other faction. We are seeing the current President using the same template that Robert Mugabe used to fire Mujuru and Mnangagwa, this campaign will target faces behind Chiwenga’. 

Top on the list of looters in Zimbabwe is Kudakwashe Tagwirei of Sakunda Holdings. Although it is not so clear which side Mr Tagwire belongs to many youths in the party said he is the one behind Chiwenga. Tagwirei was mentioned in court papers involving Mary and Chiwenga divorce. He donated a Toyota Lexus SUV to the Vice President for use in matters involving Command agriculture. Although the youth members remained tight lipped some say Tagwire has benefited from a lot of corrupt deals not only in command agriculture and fuel but diamond mining also.

If the youths gather enough evidence and courage they promised to directly link VP Chiwenga to corruption and the missing $15 billlion from diamond mines. Speaking to Dangwe News one member said they were not linked to any faction but to cleanse the party and country of corruption but when pressed if they would mention Mnangagwe and his sons the gentleman become angry telling us to leave the Mnangagwas out.I’m

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