Charlton Hwende accused of Fraud as members want him out

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Lindsy Ndlovu

Movement for Democratic Change Secretary General stands accused of embezzling funds from the political parties Act. An official who declined to be named claimed Charlton Hwende used more than ZWL 1,7 Million from the government for personal use. The official said this without providing more information.

Under the opposition Constitution only the Party’s Treasury General is allowed to determine funds usage and is the signatory to the bank. Insiders who spoke to Dangwe dismissed the fraud charge as the work of the SG’s enemies from within. ‘How can he use all that money and no noise is made? There are some fights going on in the party and this might be real dirty being thrown at him’. News of party funds missing started circulating on social media last week.

MDC Secretary General Charlton Hwende

Insiders at Harvest House said the Secretary General has created a lot of enemies as some accuse him of taking a job that is too big for him. One member of the National Council said Mr Hwende was failing the party secretariat as he is more concerned about his business empire and family based outside. Charlton Hwende spends more time in Namibia than Zimbabwe, ‘We gave a foreign based player a role meant for a local based hence we lost all the by-Elections last year’. The official from the hostile Masvingo Province also dismissed fraud issue saying it was being manufactured by people who are afraid of saying the truth.

In 2018 MDC was accused of poor administration after it emerged the party had failed to field polling agents in a number of rural polling stations. Failure to have polling agents opened the door for Mnangagwa’s ZanuPF to rig the vote especially in Mashonaland Central Province. It is the ‘visiting’ Secretary General issue that has many in the party vying for his blood. A member of the women’s assembly fears a repeat of 2018. ‘We need someone who is ever on the ground and crafting strategies as we seek to win in 2023 not a person who takes the post as like Hwende does. All we do are rallies but do we have counter strategies to rigging? The answer is no, and these are some of the reasons why Hwende needs to take his job serious’.

A lot has not changed since the last party’s Congress in May 2019.  Delegates at the Gweru Congress were voting in National Executive members based on their closeness to Nelson Chamisa the party leader.  In 2019 the party retrenched most party workers as it was facing financial challenges in meeting the monthly wage bill.

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