Italian Serie A uses Monkey images in racism campaign

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Italian football league Serie A campaign against racism has turned out to be actually racist.

Romeo Lukaku a racism victim

The Italian league sub contracted an artist in it’s anti racism campaign but the artist made it even worse when he produced images of Monkeys an animal often used to portray black players in the country.

Italy has come under fire for the failure to curb growing racism directed at black players. In November a sports paper had a headline titled ‘Black Friday’ with Smalling and Lukaku on the front page. The paper said the headline was misunderstood as it was meant to promote the black players and not to ridicle them.

Italian giants AC Milan has come out strongly against the Monkey images, Milan chief executive Ivan Gazidis said the images “came as a surprise, were insensitive and badly timed”. The AC boss went to to call for the removal of posters saying Serie A never consulted them. Italian clubs made a pledge to  fight racism after being accused of not doing enough a situation made worse by soft laws against racism in the country.

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