Chiwenga kicks out wife

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The Zimbabwe Vice President Rt Dominic Guvheya Chiwenga is reportedly to have kicked out his wife from the Borrowdale Mansion. The Rt General who has been sick for over 8 months come back into the country in the early hours of Saturday morning to cheers even from some opposition supporters . He was received at the airport by his close relatives and Chinese Deputy Ambassador. Mary a former model and wife to Zimbabwe soccer player Shingi Kawondera was no where near the airport and also did not feature on later footage when Emmerson Mnangagwa visited Chiwenga at his house.

From Chamisa Chete Chete to Chiwenga Chete Chete as many cheer for a coup

The ex model is being suspected of working against the husband and aiding the poisoning. In earlier images Mary and Guvheya Chiwenga were all seen with swollen hands with the latter only being affected the most. It is believed the Chinese experts were the first to suspect Mary of poisoning as she reacted but her internal organs were not affected as it did to the husband. ‘Her hands were swollen due to her being exposed to the poison, it was what led some to suspect her of working with the enemy. For now she is not staying with him wether a divorce or not we do not know still too early to tell’.

Finding Mary

Chiwenga has been married several times and the last wife before Mary took over was as controversial as ever. In the early 2000s Jocelyn chased the late Morgan Tsvangirai out of the then Makro shop in Harare accusing him of bringing sanctions into the country. While Mary was different and more interested in fame she also had her moments and the most famous ones were the crazy dances and hugs at State House when the husband was sworn in as Vice President after the coup. She is also runs a travel agent company that handles all top government officials travel.

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