China throws ED under

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The Chinese government is said to have lost faith in Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ability to turn around the country’s economy. The ‘all weather’ friend recently flexed it’s muscle when it attacked budget figures that were announced by Finance Mthuli Ncube. The Zimbabwe government understated the assistance by Chinese by over U$100 million a move which angered Beijing officials forcing them to issue a full public statement a departure from the usual quiet diplomacy. Chinese Ambassador went further to question the method used to come up with the figures.

Beijing’s new best friend

On Saturday the Chinese government went a step further by welcoming the returning Vice President via it’s top Harare diplomat. Vice President Chiwenga was welcomed by the Deputy Ambassador at 3am in the morning with no other top government officials on site. The move is said to have  sent shivers in government and Zanupf circles with many now worried about the move. Dangwe News understands the airport was sealed off by special forces as the powerful vice president was about to land.

China is angered by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s failure to turn around the economy and his failure to stop corruption. The Asian country has a zero policy on corruption and does not do business with corrupt countries. China has a lot of interests in Zimbabwe with so many loans having been granted to Harare. There are Chrome deals, gold deals , the $2 Billion loan for Kariba power station and control of diamonds in the country. Zimbabwe is strategic to the Chinese as it ensures the Asian country continues to get a good supply of raw materials should the current administration fall due to a revolt the Asians will stand out to lose a lot.

ED no longer trusted by China

In 2017 the Chinese were very much against Mugabe and within a few months he was taken out. From the way things look Rt General Chiwenga is the preferred new kid on the block not Emmerson Mnangagwa any more. Before the 2017 Coup the VP was in China and upon his return issued a very strong statement, the one that then set the coup into motion. Emmerson Mnangagwa met Chiwenga at his house later in the day and gave a brief statement though he could not explain why he or his officials were not at the airport to welcome the Vice President.

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