ED snubs Chiwenga’s return

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The 2017 Coup creator returned home early this morning to no government officials even service chiefs. Retired General Guvheya Chiwenga who had been ill for almost the whole year was only received by his family members and a few State media journalists.

An early rider meeting, Chiwenga with Chinese Deputy Ambassador

Images published by Zim papers stable Herald show a fit and young looking Chiwenga greeting family members and not one government officials was present. The Retired General returned via a private Chinese jet at full cost to tax payers at a time Zimbabwe hospitals are empty with no doctors and nurses. One political analyst who refused to have his name published told Dangwe News of issues and distrust in government. The Vice President is believed to have been poisoned by his friends in current government. ‘Very few people in government could have known of his return due to poisoning fears and also distrust issues as some are speculating another coup coming’.

A fit Chiwenga

Top publisher Trevor Ncube hinted at a another coup in a Tweet which has made many to believe that another coup was loading. Trevor is one of the members of Presidential advisory Panel commonly know as PAC. Some military members have however dismissed coup talk insisting the retired General and Emmerson are still as tight as ice and Zimbabweans should not place hope on another Coup.

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