No evidence of Police harassment in Harare CBD

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Police harassing a vendor in Harare CBD

The Zimbabwe Republic Police issued a statement on 20 October condemning attacks on Police officers in CBD.

According to the ZRP vendors around Angwa City  Building and Kwame Nkurumah area in Harare CBD are harassing Police but our investigations found this to be false. We asked vendors and shop owners in the area who all said nothing of that is happening in the area. Dangwe also reached out to few police officers operating in Harare to get their side of the story. One officer who asked not to be named was very clear with us, ‘we are the ones that beat up vendors not the other way around those are all lies my sister’.

The ZRP statement may be meant to justify the heavy brutality that led to the death of Tafadzwa Tamangani on the 19th of October. Tafadzwa died from injuries sustained from torture by Police. Despite claims of Police harassment the statement did not mention any evidence supporting such claims.

In a related case rural teachers association is asking Zimbabwe to stand in solidarity with the other 10 vendors who appear at Rotten Row Court on 21 October at 8:30.

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