Joining ZANU-PF Fatal for Nelson Chamisa

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Joshua Nkomo and R. G Mugabe

While there are no formal talks yet between Zanupf and MDC, Zimbabwe should be reminded of how dangerous the ‘ruining’ party is.

Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans need a fresh start a different way of governance to the one they have seen from Zanupf. History has shown us that joining Zanupf will only make it stronger while the other party loses relevance. In 1987 the Joshua Nkomo led Zapu agreed to a Unity deal with the then Zanu. Although the deal was good on paper and meant to preserve peace in the country it ended up protecting those responsible for Gukurahunde. It was used as a shield to protect people like Emmerson Mnangagwa, Perence Shiri and a host of others.

At the same time Ndebele and Zapu members were made junior partners in all areas. We look at Matebeland now and it has no real development. The Unity deal failed to rescue the province and it’s people.

The failures of the Unity deal of 1987 were there for all to see and learn from. Fast forward to 2008 the same Zanu with same faces same criminals goes for general elections, withhold results for over a month. The numbers were cooked and a run off was forced, many opposition MDC Supporters were killed and many made cripples. Despite the 1987 deal MDC went on to form a GNU with Zanupf under a deal brokered by former South Africa President Thabo Mbeki.
Just like the 1987 deal the 2008 GNU did not bring to court perpetrators of human rights abuses instead the same elements were protected. The deal was used as a shielding tool. The two Unity deals all created a culture of impunity in the country.What is needed are real reforms that will move Zimbabwe forward not another Unity deal. Even under an international mediator. The call for talks from MDC camp is worrying as it is not the solution to Zimbabwe’s problems. MDC is better off pushing for real reforms rather than sleeping with the enemy.
The moment Nelson Chamisa joins Zanupf it will further weaken the party. How can a person who made noise about 2,5million votes then accept a junior post? What statement will it send to the supporters? The base needs to be given the fuel, accepting a GNU deal means the MDC would have conceded defeat. The millions who believe in party will start asking questions. An MDC support is a passionate one who believes in freeing Zimbabwe from Zanupf not giving life to it.
It is very important for the party to State clearly it’s position and the way forward. A year has passed and no reforms were pushed in Parliament. All these issues need to be addressed. Nelson Chamisa is underestimating his power by warming up to GNU.

A victim of 2008 violence.

We are more than those in the enemy’s camp.

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