Call for Solidarity with vendors

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Flash Back, Pastor E solidarity

The other 10 vendors that were tortured and arrested together with Tafadzwa Tamangani appear at Rotten Row Magistrate Court on Monday 21 October 2019.

One of the lawyers representing the vendors encouraged Zimbabweans to show same solidarity they did with Pastor E for the vendors. ‘Zimbabweans have to stand with any victim of State brutality or rights abuse. We did it for Pastor E and again for Dr Peter now let’s do it for vendors’.

The 10 are due to appear in Court 6 at 8:30 before the Magistrate who postponed their bail hearing twice while Tafadzwa Tamangani languished in remand being denied medical treatment. Those attending are being encouraged to wear black as we mourn Mr Tamangani’s death.

The President of Vendors Union Stan Zvorwadza has not commented on the death of Tafadzwa. Stan is believed to be an ED ally and a person who cares little about plight of vendors.

Gatherings at courts do not need Police clearance and are much safer.

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