Nelson and the 2023 Ghosts

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Will he deliver victory in 2023?

The Movement for Democrat Change turned 20 in September 2019, the baby is now entering adult hood and the future is waiting for her.

Since the formation in 1999 the MDC has been the greatest competition to Zanupf with some saying the party never lost an Election since then but was prevented from taking power by the military elements in ZANU-PF.

The late Former President R.G Mugabe and Late Former PM Morgan Tsvangirai voting in 2002 Presidential elections.

In the election of 2002 the then leader Morgan  Tsvangirai was clearly rigged and stopped from taking over power. Chief rigger Tobaiwa Mudede was then in control of Elections in Zimbabwe. Fast forward to 2008 March, Morgan Tsvangirai won the race hands down. In that year election results were withheld for over a month as ZanuPF was cooking fake results in order to force a run off which they got then 27 June happened and as they say the rest is history.

10 years later on the 14th of  February the founding leader of MDC succumbed to cancer. A few weeks later a young Lion in the name of Nelson Chamisa took over. The momentum he carried was so huge and for some of us it was a done deal but the enemy does not sleep neither does he give up power easily.

As always the election come and results did not reflect the wishes of the millions. This is not the first time the MDC was rigged and in all the previous elections the party never bothered to learn.

Nelson Chamisa needs to surround himself with a technical team that will be honest and give sound counsel. The idea of having friends like Morgan Komichi etc will not deliver victory

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa

While a lot was said in 2018 and the rigging, most was as a result of internal weaknesses . The party made noise about Voters Roll and when it was out they never bothered to check it. This was the first mistake the party made. How do you go into an election without knowing the voters roll?

Failure to deploy election agents was one of the most stupid thing from MDC. When you know your enemy always be prepared for them, but once again the party never learned from 2008 March Elections. Polling agents are the defence line, these are the people that secure and deliver any candidate’s victory. We can go on and on..

A few things MDC needs to do:


Set up a technical team of outsiders to deal or manage election issues. The Secretary for Elections is too small for the huge task both the former and current are failing. There is need for independent voter tallying to be done via an App and By Elections should be used as pilot projects. This should be done from polling station level in order to prevent inflation of figures as witnessed in Mashonaland Central. Over 400,000 voted between 5pm and 7pm just in one Province alone. Had there been polling station voter tallying this would have been prevented.


Avoid any talk of Transitional Government or GNU. Zanupf has proved to be a corrupt partner and they will never change. History tells us of how the party always takes partners for a ride, from Unity Accord and 2009 GPA. The focus for the party should be 2023 not any useless talks. Entering into a GNU will be the biggest mistake Nelson Chamisa would have made.


Reforms, Reforms. A year has passed and no noise was made in  Parliament about reforms. No one knows what reforms MDC is after. ZEC should be disbanded and a new  board and secretariat be put in place, one which does not have CIOs, ZRP and Army guys. The Electoral Act needs to be amended and do away with assisted voters unless one is visually impaired and the one assisting should be a close family member. The issue of assisted voters is being abused by ZANU-PF in rural areas.


As a way of defending the vote and the voter, it is of importance for the party to have strong capable agents in rural areas. The brave and smart youths should be moved to rural areas in order for them to be agents on Elections day. It is risks to rely on rural supporters as many will be intimidated and abandon the station.


Create a good database of all party supporters, without knowing whose who and where he/she is based will make point number 3 impossible to implement. The party needs this as it will help on planning and other operational matters. At the moment there is nothing of that, the Organising Dept is sleeping.

Nelson Chamisa is a strong politician but all his talent will go to waste if the party does not reform and fight the Junta.

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