MDC 2 – 0 Zanu-Police

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Members of Anti Riot Police outside MDC Head Office in Harare.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) owes an apology to the MDC and the peace loving people of Zimbabwe. This after the Police and State broadcaster accused the party of keeping old Police helmets with the intention of using them for violence.

The ‘helmet gate’ was already being blamed on the opposition a move with led to the Police sealing off access to Morgan Tsvangirai House for a whole day on Monday the 14th of October.

While the Morgan House drama was going on across town the same Police was busy interviewing Mr Mitchel Chibwe a local business man who purchased the helmets at an auction in Harare.

It is the manner in which the Police went on to accuse the opposition that points to a lack of professionalism. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? A whole force that has no clue on how to do an investigation but relies on a biased State Broadcaster to arrest innocent people.

Zimbabwe is indeed a captured country, if it is not cartels it is Army or Police. The whole drama has to be addressed if we are to call ourselves a democracy that has an independent Police. There is no respect for opposition in the country, they are beaten, killed and abducted and no one cares. The Secretary General for MDC had this to say via Twitter

‘Political interference in the work of the Zimbabwe Police is damaging the reputation of this institution. Today they tried to frame the @mdczimbabwe and me with this helmet story but as you can see they have not succeeded ‘.

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