Military Intelligence took MDC activists from Police cells

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New information from those in control reveal the Military Intelligence being behind the torture of three MDC female activists working in conjunction with Central Intelligence Organisation and Owen Ncube the Minister of State Security. Top security sources say the girls were removed from Police custody following a command from the top.

Since operation restore legacy in November 2017 the Zimbabwe Republic Police has virtually lost all power to Military Intelligence. ‘A lot has happened and with it changes have come in also, contrary to what most people think it is not the Police anymore but Military that is in control. A team from Inkomo Barracks is said to be the one that come and took the girls from Police custody just after their arrest, I am yet to have the actual number of people but it is Military Intelligence’.

According to an insider the same unit that struck is one that was responsible for the abduction of the Doctor Peter in 2019. ‘These are people that operate with pure impunity all power is with them and His Excellence is much aware of the operations. The only thing that saved the girls was noise from all citizens but without that they could have been killed. Any voice that challenges the ruling system will be crushed as government is very scared of an uprising, while the girls are also back it is not time to rest but strike back. DNA samples must be collected from the girls clothes, people should not touch, wash or throw them away ‘.

Most MDC supporters have called on their leaders to take a firm stance against the regime blaming leaders for being too soft with Emmerson Mnangagwa administration. Kudzanayi of Marondera said it was time for action or leaders will become irrelevant. ‘These leaders are so scared of calling for mass action all they do is dress in fancy suits and tweet, we are at war and losing here. Our MP was humiliated yet top leaders do nothing about it, surely Save was not like this’.

Other supporters called for Vanguard to come back before all supporters are killed. ‘They are busy fighting for a name instead of fighting for freedom and a good cause, let Vanguard come back and be the face of the struggle then’. MDC Party President Nelson Chamisa who visited the girls is being blamed for being too soft with Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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  1. The Government has declared War o the People . Lets fight back. Petrol Bomb Police Stations Throw stones at the Cars etc

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