ZanuPF pours Millions into Mwonzora Campaign

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In a bid to control the opposition benches in Parliament the ‘ruining’ party ZanuPF is reported to have given the former Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora a blank cheque. In order to make his faction’s upcoming Congress a success the party is offering huge financial incentives to all delegates who will want to attend.

As we reported yesterday the ZanuPf linked MDC side is paying district executives U$50 and 10 litres of fuel to anyone who attends meetings. Further investigation into the sources of funds reveal top CIO operatives are involved in the indirect funding of party activities. One known member who is said to be playing a crucial role is a former executive member based in Chitungwiza commonly known as Damba.

Although it was hard to get his source of funds many in the area have reported seeing CIO operatives in the company of Mr Damba and others linked to Mwonzora camp. Mr Damba is well known for his bitterness after failing to represent Zengeza West Constituency twice in 2013 and 2018.

ZanuPF insiders who refused to be named for security reasons told our correspondent that Douglas Mwonzora and his faction have taken delivery of 10 Ford Ranger single cab Bakkies. ‘We do not know if these Bakkies will be used For Congress purposes only or they are a donation and will likely remain with MDC-T guys’. In addition to the Bakkies a ZanuPf linked business man has agreed to sponsor venue and food for all the delegates of the Congress.

Many MDC Alliance supporters believe the then Secretary General is being used by ZanuPf to destroy the opposition. ‘Who gave him the power to do a recall as even the 2014 structures have never met and endorsed such a circus?’ The actions of Mr Mwonzora have left many Zimbabweans shocked as the party now claims to own all MDC Alliance MP and Senators.

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