Fearful ED delays taking annual leave

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Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa seems not too keen on taking his annual leave this year. In 2018 Emmerson Mnangagwa took his annual leave on the 26th of December before cutting it short to return on 3rd January 2019. Further more the Zanupf leader has not left the country since the return of his Deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

While Emmerson Mnangagwa can still take his leave in January 2020 as most feel the delayed leave is evidence all is not well. Dangwe News tried to reach the Office of the President but failed to get official statement. One Zanupf insider rubbished the infighting story insisting all was well in top office. ‘The President is busy fixing the economy and also preparing for Mr Mbeki’s return anytime from now and not likely to go on leave. This is a hard working man who is focused on getting Polad working’. From the look of things it now appears Mbeki’s visit is being used as an excuse not to take the annual leave.

The failing and falling man: Emmerson Mnangagwa

While the impending visit by President Mbeki can be used as an excuse not to take the leave Emmerson Mnangagwa is said to fear his powerful Deputy grabbing power in his absence. Ever since retired General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga’s return to Zimbabwe in November Emmerson Mnangagwa has not left the country. The President is not only worried about his Deputy but a real uprising as witnessed in January 2019 when he was forced to cut short his tour of Euro-Asia after massive protests erupted due to increases in fuel prices.

Insiders believe Emmerson Mnangagwa will eventually go on leave as not doing so will likely back fire. ‘Shumba is facing a lot of challenges as you all can see and feel it but he will eventually take his annual leave though it will be a very short one. I do not believe his Deputy has capacity to Stage another coup d’etat the man is busy with divorce at moment and has little time to deal with politics. The real power is with the people on the ground not the men in suits and those at Barracks’. The economy continues to tumble with prices of basics going up on a daily basis forcing many families to do with one meal per day. The economic situation has also not spared those close to the President as army officers are said to be going hungry at Barracks and no new uniforms.

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